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How I Use Sundays to Have an Amazing Week

Love Sundays? 

Well, of course, you do. If you are like a majority of the population you think of Sundays as days to unwind, binge-watch Netflix, catch up on sleep, finish the work that’s been left untouched, and eat.

It’s also a great day for planning next week, making sure that it will go smoothly, creating the best week ever...

Here are a few things I do every Sunday that help me let go of anxiety and overwhelm, and minimize the stress during the week…

1. I journal for the right mindset
I love to read and write. It helps me get my mind straight and focused on the positive. Journaling is my go-to when I want to de-stress and gain clarity on some issues. Recently I started my Gratitude Journal where I write every day what I’m grateful for. On Sundays, I like to express my gratitude for the week that’s ended and also for the upcoming blessings that the new week will bring…

2. Prep
Prep everything! It really makes a difference and you will feel like you have way more time during the week. I buy my groceries on Sundays and I prep my food. I do laundry and I prep my gym bag, layout my work outfits, and clean my shoes. This results in healthier food choices, better health, and fitness, and it eliminates the time standing in front of my closet and trying to figure out what to wear every morning…

3. Pull out my planner
I have two planners. Being an old-fashioned paper-and-pen kinda girl I carry around my small planner where I write my personal appointments. My other planner is an online scheduling app where I get to set up my availability for coaching. I send it to all prospects, my clients, and my team so that they know when to book a call with me. This saved me from insanity, honestly.

4. Prioritize my to-do list
Long and detailed to-do lists can be overwhelming and add anxiety rather than help eliminate it. What works for me is color-coding the tasks based on importance. If it is urgent I mark it red, less important tasks are green, and things that can be rolled over to the next day or week are not marked at all. To ensure things get done I put five or less red and green items on the to-do list every day. The goal is not to make a long list, the goal is to stay focused and productive. And also to feel great when we check off the last item. Mission accomplished!

5. Clear out my email inbox and organize my desk 
If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that clutter has no room in my world. Can’t have it. Drives me nuts. So every Sunday I take all the receipts, papers, notes, post-its and I scan and save the important ones, then throw everything away. I open my email inbox, read all I need to, answer what’s important, file what I want to keep and delete the rest. Clear!

6. Practice self-care 
Very important. This could look many different ways. A walk on the beach, reconnecting with friends and family, a good book, mani/pedi, bubble bath,...You get the idea. Feels so good to feel good!

7. Connect to God
I like to use Sundays for spiritual practice. There is nothing better and more grounding than a morning meditation while the rest of the house is quiet and still asleep. My gym offers a fantastic Sunday yoga class that I like to take. Connecting to my Higher Self and the Universe brings me clarity, calm, and feeling of love and happiness... 
8. Unwind and relax
Enough said. Netflix, anyone?


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