Beauty & Skincare Consulting
At LinkUpWithLenka, we help busy women age backward in less than 10 minutes a day. 
Are you looking to have beautiful, healthy skin? Do you want to reverse all signs of aging? As a skincare consultant, it is my job to support you with choosing the right skincare regimen for your best results. 

Because you get to look as young as you feel.

Business Strategy
Are you seeking a business mentor?
Do you need systems and strategies to grow your business? With over two decades in education and business coaching,
 I have many power tools under my belt. I will give you a road map for growing it and help you take your business to the next level.

Because systems are the key to growth. 
 Digital Marketing, Funnels, Bots
Do you wonder how to attract the right clients to your business? Are you ready to scale up? Let me show you how to make social media work for you. It is all about automating the process and prospect generation. Let me introduce you to funnels and bots I use 
so that you can use them too. 

Because automation is king!

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Women In Our Network...

Are Working in Over 11 Countries...

In Various Professions 
and Industries...

But Share the Same 
Big Dream! 

Turn your ideas into profits by building a business based on your passion...
...or get beautiful, healthy skin in less than 
10 minutes a day while you do your thing.

4 ways we can help you thrive...

  • Coaching programs: Our programs provide the much needed systems and structure that will help you launch your new online business and build it on a solid foundation.           
  • Credibility: Thousands of followers on social media, radio interviews, podcasts, blog host, bestselling author, magazine interviews,...the list goes on.
  • Testimonials: Hundreds of happy clients and business owners. Ask me for details or visit my Facebook page LinkUpWithLenka.                                                           
  • Experience: 25 years of teaching and coaching, 10 years of business mentoring.
Ismael R., California

"I don’t write about something unless I absolutely love it. So here it goes.

 As some of you may know, I've always struggled with acne; especially cystic acne and adult acne. It's been frustrating and embarrassing. Anywho, I've recently been using the Unblemish Regimen and the Intensive Renewing Serum from Rodan+Fields for 1 month and I’m absolutely in love! Yes, 30 freaking days!!! This stuff is LEGIT!! 

I've pretty much tried every product out there, home remedies, herbs, antibiotics etc. And nothing has worked. Until now!!!! Anyways, if you've ever struggled with acne YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!! Ohh and a major bonus to using the product is that it's taken off a few years off my grill. What's not to like. Lol

So, if you are interested and want to get taken care of let Lenka know. She is absolutely amazing!"
Tina A., Wisconsin
"If you are thinking about or have recently decided to become an entrepreneur but need a little boost in self-confidence, this is a great book and program."
Yessica Reedy, California
"I loved the practical advice to help me focus on next steps. "
Michelle A., California
"I have been Lenka's skincare customer since April 2018. I love R+F products and I am absolutely amazed by my lashes!"
Thank you, Lenka!
Mary H., California
"It has helped me to see the potential that I have to do great things. I'm no longer afraid to go after my dreams, and I am so excited to see them come to fruition. Lenka, you are so inspiring!!! Thank you!!!"
Devin O'Brien, California
"Great course for anyone wanting more for themselves and the people they care about most."
Sarah B., California
"Lenka was consistently at the top of our sales leaderboard across the year, and I am proud to announce she was officially the top earner on the team for 2018! The sky is the limit for this girl! I can’t wait to see her CRUSH 2019!"
Kendall T., Australia
"Lenka provides us a blueprint to success with daily mantras and action steps to help one achieve their goals. What I mainly got from Lenka is that the road to success is not easy. There will always be distractions and twists and turns in life; you just have to learn, grow, and persevere. You have to be FEARLESS when it comes to your goals and what you want in life. Thank you, Lenka, for giving me the push I needed."
Jillian A., Colorado
"What a great guide! I loved reading your journey Lenka, all the obstacles you overcame to the beautiful woman you are today. So many great tips, disciplines, and steps for living a fulfilled, independent life."
For more testimonials please contact our staff.
Jenn G. , Washington
"I loved to work with coach Lenka for two reasons: she is extremely committed to her clients and very knowledgeable about what she is teaching. I like that she walks the walk and talks the talk. I am someone who usually gets easily distracted and Lenka helped me stay laser focused. I got so much done in such a short time! My online business is now up and running! I am really excited for the next level in Lenka's program where we will build my first marketing sales funnel."


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Our master business checklist to give you direction when you are first getting started building your business. Everything laid out for you with clarity and purpose.

All of our master classes and workshops. You will get to learn first hand from the leading experts who will show you how to succeed. 

Our warm and inviting community of like minded, goal oriented, focused, and excited-to-help Boss Women. 

& So much more...From weekly videos, fun challenges, podcasts, video interviews, accountability partners, networking calls, one-on-ones,...all the help you might need in one hub.

Who is Lenka Wallace

A bestselling author, auntie, skin care business owner, business mentor, and teacher whose mission in life is to help others thrive.
As a woman and entrepreneur with 25 years' experience in teaching and business coaching, she loves to focus on supporting other women with creating the right opportunities for themselves.
Known for her enthusiasm, positive energy, and giving-back attitude she has been interviewed on the radio shows, podcasts, and in magazines.
Lenka strongly believes that every woman deserves to be happy, look and feel beautiful, be successful & fulfilled in her career, and enjoy financial freedom.
That is why she left her teaching career over 10 years ago to start her coaching business and never looked back.
Any client who has worked with Lenka will tell you that she gives you 1000% of her creative energy, time, and expertise. She will help you stay on task, organized, and on point.

Lenka will teach you how to get started and get going - today.

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