So, Why the Stiletto, Lenka?

At LinkUpWithLenka, we help busy women with two things - we help them stay on top of their game when it comes to self-care so that they can go out there into the work environment looking, feeling, and performing their best; 
we also help them monetize their passion. 

It all started when my friend Tam challenged me to write a book. I have never written a book before, let alone in a second language! I laughed her off. 
The idea she planted in my head started to grow tiny roots pretty fast. I couldn't stop thinking about it. So a few days later, I called her up and said: Challenge accepted! 

As I was writing, I realized how many women out there might need encouragement too. I was writing about my journey, the amazing mentors I got to work with over the past twelve years, and how I was supported along the way.

I realized that I have so much to give. I wanted to pay it forward! As I shared my story, my vision of how I could help others became very clear. 

I knew that I needed to create teaching material and a platform for women to look around and see what class, workshop, and resource they want to explore. I also needed to make sure that these ladies are connected so that they can support one another and share their expertise. 
I asked myself what does my audience need? How can I deliver that? And what will be the final result of working together? 

The answer came to me in an unexpected way. An image of Cinderella popped into my head. I knew I wanted to help someone who feels lost & confused on their journey to wildly successful business. I've been there before. Stuck. For nine long years. But then I got unstuck and with the help of others I started to grow. 

I wanted to help them do the same. I wanted them to feel the accomplishment, the excitement, the recognition! I was going to help them step into their big-girl-shoes, their Stilettos! 
So there you have it.

Whether you decide to work on aging backwards, join my team and build skincare business with me, or you want to build your own business around your passion...I am here to support you. You will get to pick from the courses I offer and we will work together to launch and grow you. I will help you scale your business up. I will teach you how to attract traffic to your business by using attraction marketing strategies so that you never have to chase your clients. They will be chasing you!
And as a bonus, you will meet a lot of Superwomen along the way - whether in each course group, or through our Members Club. You will be able to participate in our workshops, networking events, speaking events, and retreats. The best is yet to come!

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In December of 2017, I had an opportunity to share my story with the one and only Candice Bar on the Luxe Life Radio in Hollywood. We talked about beauty, aging, and how to slow down the aging process when you are a busy professional or a business woman. I shared about our skin care line
with her audience and it was warmly received.
The interview is available at the Luxe Life Radio archives as well as on my personal Facebook profile. 


I absolutely love talking to my fellow entrepreneurs! Recently, I have been able to participate in a few podcasts which are so much fun! It is an honor to contribute and share with broader audiences. The latest podcast interview is live on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts. You can listen to it by clicking on the image. Enjoy!


As soon as my book Dare to Thrive, Girl got published, I was contacted by the local magazine Voyage LA and was offered to do an interview with them. Their readers were interested in learning about what it takes to leave a job and become a successful entrepreneur. I shared my experience with the job-to-business transition, my vision for the future growth, and my mission to create smiles. Click on the image to read the full article.


Amazon is home of Dare to Thrive, Girl book. I used their publishing platform to first get the book out. It was on Amazon where it became a bestseller in two categories within the first 24 hours.
Next time you are browsing through their store, please visit the book page and give it some love.You could also just click on the image to the left. We appreciate every like and your honest feedback!

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Lenka's Story

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, I spent most of my childhood around my loving family. My parents were middle class, hardworking people. My dad was an electrical engineer, and my mom taught elementary school. I followed in her footsteps and became a teacher too. 

While in college, I decided to take a break from school for one year and move overseas to learn a second language. I ended up in Southern California. I totally believe that everything happens for a reason. I fell in love with this country and eventually moved here for good. The beginnings were not easy...

What I struggled with the most was the language barrier. I felt (and to be honest I still do) self-conscious and shy when speaking English. This led me to accepting jobs that were way below my skill set and didn't make me happy or fulfilled. 

I always had a feeling that I deserve more, that I was meant to do something bigger. So I decided to follow my heart and I started my own business. My first business was in health coaching and nutrition. It was OK but it never took off the way I intended. I had to stop and ask myself: Why? It was not for the lack of effort or commitment. It was because i was not passionate about it...

So I decided to take some time off and work on myself. I knew that my business will grow to the extend that I grow. It starts with me. I invested in myself. Time and money. I participated in 8 months long personal development workshop and I hired a mentor. I was always a reader and I started to read a book per week. And just as I was shifting and re-inventing myself, a new business opportunity presented itself. This time it was in the area I was super passionate about and, honestly, can't shut up about - Beauty and Self-care.

Twelve years later, I made tremendous progress. From a shy and timid young lady, I became a fearless voice for women who want more out of their lives. I got over myself and wrote a book (in my second language!), and it was very well received. I started my own company, and today, I am on my way to financial freedom. 

My passion is to help women look and feel beautiful, younger, and confident. My vision is to connect women who want to create great things and help them thrive. I am excited about our Thrive Society and what we get to create together. And I invite you to join us.



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Help Us Create Smiles
Since I first started my business I knew I wanted to stand for something bigger than me. I chose to work with Smile Train, an international charity that provides cleft palate and cleft lip repair surgeries for children born in the third world countries. My team and I have been donating 10% of our profit every month, creating smiles as we go. Join us!
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The Thrive Society is an international group of female entrepreneurs. We grow together by participating in weekly networking events, monthly workshops, seminars, speaking events, and the annual retreat. 
Our mission is to help all the Sheroes thrive and we would love for you to fly high with us!
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