So, Lenka, Where Should I Start?

Welcome to our Marketplace, where all our goodies live. Where should you start?

Personally, I am not a fan of the word "should". I do not like to tell myself or anyone else what they should do. Instead, I choose to use another word, one that gives you your deciding power back. Where could you start?

The choice is ultimately yours. I invite you to scroll through this page and look around. Feel free to click on anything you like. There is no right or wrong way to get started working together. 

If what we do inspires you, simply pick one thing that speaks to you. One thing that you feel you want to focus on the most, and let's get right into it. I will see you inside.

Much love,


I want hear from Experts

Click the image to join us for this amazing kaleidoscope of wisdom. We have 24 incredible experts come together and share their tips, ideas, and proven-to-work strategies around self-care, beauty, style, and self-love. 

See you inside our Face Forward Summit!

I want to get inspired

Great. Let me ask you this...

-Does you job suck? 

-Would you like to find meaningful work that's right for you makes your family's life better?

-Are you active on social media but not getting paid for your time and effort yet? 

-Would you like to own your own business in addition to your career? 

Then this book is for you
Click on the image to get your copy. 

I want to find my passion
and start a wildly successful business

Fantastic! You are going to love our flagship course. 
Step Into Your Stilettos is a 5-module video course 
for building your own home business and financial freedom. 

Check it out by clicking the image to the left.

I want to scale up my MLM business

I hear you, girl! It took me way too long to figure out how to be able to MASSIVELY grow my downline without having to:
- Constantly host parties
- Sell to my friends and family
- Cold call random strangers
- Post incessantly on social media

Imagine having a system that AUTOMATICALLY brings hot leads to your inbox, 24/7 - 365.

I want to learn about automation

Once I learned how to attract my prospects, I needed a system. It would be impossible for me to sit by my computer and manually lead people through the whole process, as they are signing up all day every day. So I used modern day technology (Hello, 21st Century!). Now everyone is taken through the fantastic learning experience, as soon as they choose in, while I have my free time back! You can do this too. 
Find out how. You know what to do ;) 

I want to learn how to get everything done
in the 24 hours I have

It is so cool to learn all those amazing things but what good is that when you don't have enough time in your day to actually implement them? 

I feel your pain, my Superwoman. I've been there. 

Luckily, there is a simple solution! In this fun 7-day course  I will teach you how to get organized, where to find "pockets" of time and how to become most efficient. You'd be surprised how much you can still squeeze in! 

I need to create more balance
and self-care right now

Congratulations! We have great news for you! 

Our signature 5-day Thrive, Girl Challenge is free to join, and you will love it! 
Find your balance, joy, prosperity, and self-love with a group of like-minded women. 

Join us today. We start in a few days!

I want to look my best

Let's talk skincare.
-What is your daily routine?
-Do you give your skin the attention it needs?
-What if you could turn back time?

As Boss Women we are representation of our brands. The first impression is very important in business meetings, presentations, and daily public interactions. Let us help you with that polished look, flawless skin, and healthy glow!

Take our newest Let's Glow! workshop!


We've got your back. Join our membership to access...

Our master business checklist to give you direction when you are first getting started building your business. Everything laid out for you with clarity and purpose.

All of our master classes and workshops. You will get to learn first hand from the leading experts who will show you how to succeed. 

Our warm and inviting community of like minded, goal oriented, focused, and excited-to-help Boss Women. 

& So much more...From weekly videos, fun challenges, podcasts, video interviews, accountability partners, networking calls, one-on-ones,...all the help you might need in one hub.

Help Us Create Smiles
Since I first started my business I knew I wanted to stand for something bigger than me. I chose to work with Smile Train, an international charity that provides cleft palate and cleft lip repair surgeries for children born in the third world countries. My team and I have been donating 10% of our profit every month, creating smiles as we go. Join us!
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The Thrive Society
The Thrive Society is an international group of female entrepreneurs. We grow together by participating in weekly networking events, monthly workshops, seminars, speaking events, and the annual retreat. 
Our mission is to help all the Sheroes thrive and we would love for you to fly high with us!

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